Offensive Security

NextSecurity’s Offensive Security Department is specialized in performing different kinds of cyber-attacks to detect vulnerabilities, security breaches and security controls that the customers have in place, and are not sufficient to effectively protect their infrastructures against potential cyber-attacks. These services is being led by offensive security professionals with vast experience, as hackers.

Cyber Simulation

NextSecurity’s Cyber Simulations put organizations in situations comparable to real cyber-attacks during which potential hackers try to bypass existing security controls, establish connection with the internal networks of the organizations and get access to vulnerable/confidential information.

Blue Team

Defensive Security

NextSecurity’s Defensive Security Department performs analyses to map the existing organization’s infrastructure and security posture, gives recommendations on variety of security topics from architecture, hardening and security controls on what to adapt/change/add in order for organizations to be better protected against cyber-attacks.


Security Awareness

The services NextSecurity offers in this group are meant to increase awareness of all levels of an organization’s workforce, whether they are developers, IT and/or security people, but also general employees that are not involved in security at all. We train them to increase their awareness and think of potential threats in every aspect of their day-to-day activities in the organization.


Security Research

NextSecurity’s top-notch security researcher experts are constantly discovering new security flaws and performing forensics and exploitation research on all imaginable platforms, from desktop to new IOT’s. During idle time, our researchers conducting research in order to identify new vulnerabilities in various platforms, which they then test all the way to their exploitation.


Operation Center

NextSecurity’s Operation Center offers managed SOC Service that, monitors cyber threats for organizations around the world. While our IR team intervene when cyber-attacks have taken to find the source of the attack.


VIP Security

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Digital Forensics

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